Barbara Feldman CID Allied AIA, IFDA, Lic. GC has been a full time Hamptons interior designer based in East Hampton since 1994.  Barbara provides stunning interior design and top quality hands on renovation services from concept through completion for all of her projects.

Barbara designed hospital and healthcare facilities for more than 30 years prior to redefining herself as a residential designer.  Her experience in the contract (commercial) sector fine tuned her space planning skills, and gave her the experience needed to manage the construction from small installations through large, complex projects.  

Barbara is an animal lover and has two Afghan Hounds, Isabel and Bisou (affectionately known as Mr. PeePee), as well as her ARF rescue cat, Miss Kitty.  She cares for two feral cats that come to eat every day and is active in Animal Rescue.  


Not an animal snob, Barbara also feeds the opossum and raccoon who occasionally show up for dinner because in her mind, all animals - and people - are created equal..  


Barbara Feldman Interiors    

631-258-0601 text

14 Harbor View Ln

East Hampton, New York 11937

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