Montauk Interior Designer Barbara Feldman

Barbara Feldman is a Montauk interior designer who provides planning, design, decoration, and construction services. Barbara has than 40 years of experience as a certified designer, Allied AIA, and IFDA member and offers unparalleled excellence. Because she is also a licensed general contractor in the Town of East Hampton, she provides the best hands-on Interior Design-Build services in Montauk. 

Here are some photos of Montauk Interior Designer Barbara Feldman's projects:  


Montauk is a beach resort, located at the easternmost ip of Long Island, also known as “The End" or "The Last Resort." It has become one of the busiest tourist locations within the town of East Hampton. Montauk has many restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and hotels, and is a popular vacation spot in the warm weather months. Although many of the Montauk hotels are only open April through November, some for shorter time periods, a few serve fishermen and other customers year round, including the famed Gurney's Inn.  It is popular with surfer and is a destination resort.

Montauk's six state parks, from west to east, are:

In addition, there is Montauk County Park and several East Hampton parks and Nature Conservancy areas.

Barbara Feldman Interiors    

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14 Harbor View Ln

East Hampton, New York 11937

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