We are committed to providing our clients with the Hamptons style they love the most. Whether you are a fan of traditional interiors, transitional design, contemporary, or modern farmhouse, we'll make sure you love your home.

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Oceanfront, dining, white dining chairs, white sofa, oceanfront, light wood table, modern interior
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transitional interior design, beige sectional sofa, leather coffee table, white brick fireplace, metal end table, white rug, standing lamp, accent pillows
transitional stairs, white balusters, dark wood handrail, dark wood treads, beige paint, beige walls, white doors, dark wood floor
traditional foyer, traditional interior, curved stairway, white panel walls, oriental rug, dark wood floor
beige sectional, traditional den, round wood coffee table, oriental rug, red and green, green walls, white paneling, large windows, dark wood floor
midcentury modern design, midcentury modern furnitre, glass coffee table, metal coffee table, cherry cabinetry, neutral colors, orange accents, cherry wood side chair, white rug, gray couch, fireplace, granite fireplace surround
traditional bedroom design, plaid fabric, blue and white, blue headboard, upholstered headboard, blue slipper chair, blue fabric chair, oriental rug, dark wood floors, dark wood nightstands, white bench, upholstered bench, wallcovering
sudakoff dining table after straight on.

Barbara Feldman Interiors    

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East Hampton, New York 11937

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