Staging is specific type of design that makes a property sell more quickly and at the highest possible price.  Staging is actually the opposite of custom interior design in that the owner's (or designer's) personal taste is not a factor; the house must be designed so that everyone that walks in has a positive reaction.


When staging, we try to the greatest return on the seller's investment by emphasizing the good points of a house in the most cost effective way.   The level of staging should be consistent with the architecture, quality of construction, and price point of the property so it projects the right image.  Staging may include decluttering, furnishing, decorating, remodeling, or re-purposing, or replacing existing furnishings.


We specialize in the staging of new construction homes and renovations. These are some of our most successful staging projects.



Waterfront Property East Hampton, NY


Repainted moldings and trim, white washed walls, removed drapery to increase view, new inexpensive furnishings.


Cost:  $15,000

Ask:  $2,100,000    Sold:  $2,000,000

Time on market after staging:  20 days.

Vacant House Staging  Watermill, NY


Brought in rental furniture for living room, dining, kitchen.   Accessorized, added lights


Cost:  $ 8,500

Ask:   $ 3,400,000  Sold:  $3,275,000

Time on market after staging:  15 days

House had not sold in more than a year despite repeated price reductions.  Price was RAISED $250,000 after staging and sold within 45 days. 


Reused dining table and chairs, replaced other furniture, painted entire house, added lights, and accessorized.


Cost:  $ 37,500

Ask:   $ 6,995,000  Sold:  $7,250,000



Hamptons Staging

House had not gotten any offers in  5 years.  

It received a FULL PRICE OFFER within ONE week after staging from a buyer that had previously walked away.


New furnishings, replaced carpets and rugs, painted interior of house. 


Cost:  $29,000   Sell price:  $6,250,000

hamptons staging

Staging of 4 bedroom house for rental purposes.  Kitchen renovation, modifications to fireplace mantles, doors, paint, new furniture  East Hampton, NY


Cost:  $ 42,500

House has not gone unrented for more than 4 years at an average price of $85,000 per season.

hamptons design and staging
hamptons design and staging

Staging of Vacant 5 Bedroom Spec Home

East Hampton (Georgica Estates)  NY 


Addition of furniture and furnishings, lighting, accessories.


House sold at full asking price after staging. 

hamptons design and staging

Staging and redesign  East Hampton, NY


Removed wall between living and kitchen,

re-purposed some existing and replaced other items of furniture and furnishings, paint, new lighting lighting. 


House rented at full ask immediately after staging.  Owner then took it off the market for sale. 

Sutton Place Condo, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living and dining rooms.  New York, NY


Repaired and re-stained kitchen floor, used some existing furniture, filled in, relocated, and replaced other pieces with rental items.

Painted entire home.


House was considered to be overpriced, but sold at full ask to the first person that walked in after staging.  

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