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Our Art consulting services range from finding and sourcing the right art pieces for our Ciients,

to purchasing on their behalf, to framing and installation. 

Old Orchard Dining_edited.png

Painting by Anahi DeCanio

dining vignette_edited.jpg

Painting by Kurt Geihl

Sculpture by Mark Webber

We work with our extensive network of Hamptons artists and galleries

to find great pieces of art that work with the interior design of your Hamptons home or business. 

Our main goals are to understand our clients’ tastes and the spaces the art will go into,

assess the pros and cons of prospective purchases and offer services to facilitate the acquisition of appropriate pieces.


Just like a personal shopper hunts for fashion items that match their clients’ personalities and needs,

we are essentially acting as your own personal art shopper in the Hamptons. 






Using our designer's eye and sense of aesthetics, we choose paintings, prints, and sculpture

that will become an essential part of your Hamptons home design and that will increase in value over time. 

We carefully listen to your needs, talk about your taste,  and determine your goals for buying art

so we can recommend good choices in terms of investment and quality. 


Metal compoaition  by Nathan Slate Joseph

photos basement.jpg

Photography by Tom Steele

if you'd like some help choosing art for your home or office, please contact us.  

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