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This is the second time we went through a complete home renovation and working with Barbara was the most stress less and best experience we could have had. Her attention to detail and making sure every trade was scheduled and completed

in a timely fashion what could have been impossible for us.  It was a complete pleasure.  We love Barbara and absolutely love the end result!!!!  She is truly a gem!

Pat and Nate Sudakoff

"Having never worked with a designer before, we were not really sure what to expect.  From the start, Barbara's professionalism put us at ease.  Her design was beautiful and well-communicated.  Just as important, she made clear what was vital and what wasn't which made an incredible difference in the final product. Her taste is impeccable.  She was an incredibly effective advocate for us when dealing with contractors. Her eye for detail and quality gave us a home that we couldn't have imagined before we started the process." 

Mary and David Barbrack

I hired Barbara Feldman to renovate my kitchen and two bathrooms. Her designs were great and everything turned out exactly the way I wanted. She was there with her contractors every day to make sure everything was done correctly and according to plan and I felt she really had my best interests in mind at all times. Not only was she completely professional on every level but she was easy to work with. Overall a very positive experience

Marc Kaplan

​"Barbara's work is, in a word, fantastic. She is extremely creatively talented and can indeed "make a silk purse from a sow's ear." She transformed my home from acceptable to dazzling. Furthermore, I was able to enjoy her design work and recoup my investment when I sold my home just a few years later.  

Barbara has transformational talent galore!"


​Helen Vos, Pres. Divorce Assist Now


​​"Barbara’s work is timeless and after six successful projects we considered her an essential part of our team.  She really cared about each and every project, and we could always count on her to always do the right thing.

Ferdinand Cozzolino, VP Facilities Planning Continuum Partnership

If you only like dealing with the best, you need look no further than Barbara Feldman.  Barbara is more talented, creative and hard working than any designer I've ever worked with.  She possesses an attention to detail that is hard to find in today's busy world. 

There is nobody else I would work with."

Diana Clemente, Client

Barbara never ceases to amaze me.  Besides her ability to design beautiful interiors of all styles, she is extremely diligent and genuine.  She is filled with innovative ideas and pursues, with integrity, a vision of beauty and quality. ​

Joan Kraisky, President Joan Kraisky Enterprises

I worked with Barbara as one of her furniture sources for two of her projects in the Hamptons.  Barbara Feldman is a true professional interior designer.  She has the most amazing sense of design with incredible taste. Her projects look effortless, but Barbara puts her heart and soul into each project.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her!

Christine Collin

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