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New fireplace, kitchen renovation, two remodeled bathrooms, new doors and windows throughout, lighting design, and custom cabinetry gave an updated Hamptons style feeling with a Midcentury modern twist.  

Design Build Renovation  Amagansett Dunes

Enlarged and remodeled the kitchen and dining area, added new doors and windows to bring in more natural light, new  stair design, reconfigured the entire second floor into a master suite, expanded and renovated the master bath,  added contemporary furniture   

Interior Design and Construction Management 

Hamptons Bays

Removed the walls between the living area and sunroom, added radiant heating, raised the ceilings to create a larger, open plan space, expanded and remodeled the kitchen, updated the fireplace, refinished the floors and added contemporary furniture to create a light, bright, comfortable Hamptons style home. 

Barbrack chairs and fireplace after for
Interior Design Build Renovation  Montauk 

Redefined the entire interior space plan, opened the kitchen to the living room and completely remodeled it, renovated three bathrooms, added a walk-in curbless shower and freestanding tub to the Master bath, redesigned the Entry and the stairway, new floors, throughout, new lighting plan, added laundry room,  new electrical and HVAC systems. 

Design and Decoration Amagansett 

Used the existing architecture as a starting point and added mid century modern furniture .  Kitchen design, three (3) bedrooms,  bathrooms,, hallways and common areas.

Interior Design and Project Management
  East Hampton

Space planning for bigger and more comfortable furniture, redesigned the fireplace, selected a fresh new color palette, new full height window treatments, new furniture and furnishings for living, dining, and den that was more in keeping with the Hamptons style.   

Interior Design and Project Management 
 Southold, NY

When the Client asked to save the rug, we used that as a statement piece.  Added new moldings and trim, new custom drapery, wallpaper, window treatments, and traditional style furniture and furnishings made it feel comfortable and elegant.  We even added a matching cat door!

Barbara Feldman Interiors    

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