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If you are a do-it-yourself Client, or do not require full service interior design,

then a one-time visit or a couple of consultations can give you a professional opinion

or provide guidance that can be implemented on your own. 

We also schedule consultations to evaluate a project, determine the scope, clarify your priorities,

discuss timing and budget and offer some preliminary design ideas. 


During the consultation we may cover:

1.  Furniture arrangement

2. Possible solutions to your design challenges 

3. Answers to your design questions.

4. Selection of Color Palettes or finishes

5. Recommendations of products

6. Estimated costs

7. Schedules and estimated time frames


1.. Up to 2 hours at your home $500 door to door.         

2. Half day (up to 4 hours) at your home  $950

3. Day rate, maximum 8 hours $1500   

4. Phone consultations: $50/15 minutes. 

All pricing includes travel time, door to door


Consultations do not include execution, drawings, purchasing or labor. 

We take no responsibility for any design result if you use our ideas or suggestions

to complete a project on your own..


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