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Right now, adults over 65, a group that includes Baby Boomers and Seniors, make up about 18% of the population in the United States and 8,000 people turn 65 every single day!  Most have been independent all of their lives AND WANT TO STAY THAT WAY. 

Universal Design will help you Age-in-Place, so you can stay in your own home and stay independent a whole lot longer.  Our home renovations include kitchen design, bathroom remodeling, and entire home interiors so everyone feels safer, and can manage more easily.  


Incorporating Universal Design into your Hamptons home design will help you :


 - Enter and exit and move around your home more safely and easily

 - Access toilets, showers, sinks and work surfaces even if you are in a wheelchair

 - Reach cabinets, switches, outlets and cooking appliances

 - Open doors and windows without struggling

 - Compensate for reduced vision or hearing.

Universal Design is NOT only design for Seniors because anything can happen to anyone at anytime. Life is not always fair.  People get hurt, get sick, and want to stay at home.  Universal Design helps everyone do that. 

Also known as "Inclusive Design" Universal Design serves everyone regardless of age, size or circumstance.

Accessible design makes everyone's life easier - you, your children, and your parents.  Universal Design is an absolute must-have for seniors, multi-generational families, anyone that needs greater accessibility, or simply wants to plan for the future.

If you are thinking of renovating or building a new home, contact us so you can make Universal Design part of your plans

Barbara Feldman Interiors    

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14 Harbor View Ln

East Hampton, New York 11937

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