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What is Universal Design?

Did you know

That 15% of the population is in the #BabyBoomer generation and approximately 8000 people turn 65 years old every single day? That 19% of the population is #physicallychallenged as a result of an injury or illness? That a record 18% of the population now lives in #multigenerationalhomes? 57 million homes to be exact

#UniversalDesign uses creative space planning and thoughtful design elements to eliminate barriers to #accessibility so that people can live more easily in their homes now

AND so they can stay there in the future.

Why is this important? Because everyone, even the most able-bodied person, passes

through childhood, adulthood, old age, and periods of illness and/or injury creating

different needs at different times that must be met through caring and knowledgeable

design practices.

Universal Design is all about that. And it accomplishes these goals without losing a

sense of style and a good aesthetic.

This is #designthatmatters. Contact us for more information.

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